eleonora edreva is:

an artist, researcher, smeller, collaborator, co-producer, worker, renter, and mischief-maker born in burgas, bulgaria and raised on the occupied odawa, ojibwe, and potawatomi lands referred to as chicago. eleonora strongly believes that smell is a skill and way of knowing the world that systems of power have been devaluing for centuries as part of their ongoing efforts to disconnect people (especially people at the margins of power) from their bodies and capacities for pleasure and embodied learning.

the artist’s work centers around the ideas that developing people’s sense of smell can bring them more fully into their bodies and their (individual and collective) strength, and that scent holds important possibilities for community resilience as we continue into ever more harrowing and uncertain futures. to that end, eleonora creates tools for folks to learn to navigate the world using their noses and seeks to figure out what part(s) our sense of smell will play in defending us against current and future environmental catastrophes and the growing surveillance state.